Information that

matters the most!

Redefining journalism and discovery
one locality and language at a time…

Hyperlocal Information

Discover content on the map from your locality or globally

Structured and insightful information

Data is huge, information is scarce. We make sure that you get the best insights for all things under the sun…

Personalised feed

Information that matters – Our machine suggests the best for you using AI/ML

Bias detection, bookmark

We label out bias of the content. Bookmark, like, dislike and tell us your bias…

Discover heat maps
in your locality and globally

All information is tagged with a location. Zoom in and out of the map to discover news, evergreen content and trivias in your locality and globally…

Bias mentioned on information
for defining source prejudices…

We want to redefine journalism by giving out factual and liberal bias on most news & information…

& all that जानकारी
in local languages…

We believe in vernacular content for Tier 1, 2, 3 cities across India

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Bulletin App

Hyperlocal Intelligent Information and News Consumption Platform

Bulletin app is a hyperlocal intelligent information and news consumption platform that let’s you discover news basis your preferences using deep technology. The core objective of bulletin is to structure information across the world at a hyperlocal level.

Interactive discovery of Intelligent Information

With the interface of Maps, bulletin app helps you to discover intelligent information by interacting with the map.

Read/ Watch Hyperlocal News Feed

With Bulletin App, you can read and watch news about latest happenings at local, national and international level. Bulletin also let’s you personalise your feed with different categories and helps you focus on what you want to read.

News and Information on Maps

All the information, facts and news is mapped at geo level that helps you browse the app and read information about the world.

Vernacular News/ Information with Bulletin App

With Bulletin you can now read news in your local language, currently the app is available in English and Hindi with new languages being added to app regularly.

Personalized Feed with Bulletin App

Bulletin let’s you personalise feed and helps you discover news, information and trivia basis your preferences.